What we do 

The EYP involves well over 20,000 young people at more than 100 regional, national and international events through 35 national organisations every year.

The flagship events of the EYP are its three annual International Sessions. Each of these sessions brings together about 320 participants from 35 countries for 10 days in different European countries.

An international session of the European Youth Parliament has a unique structure:

  • Firstly the participants divide into international committees and take part in team building.
  • In the ensuing committees the young delegates start working on a current issue of European politics and compose a joint resolution.
  • Finally, the resolutions are debated in a parliamentary General Assembly following the model of the European Parliament in both English and French.
  • Through a rich cultural programme with events such as Euroconcert, Eurovillage or the Country Presentations, the participants become active and creative themselves and express themselves through music, acting and dance.