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The role of a teacher at International Sessions

Being a teacher or a chaperone at an EYP session is a challenging role. It lies in the character of the event that the students you are accompanying are taking part in activities which largely leave no room for a teacher or chaperone. It is the chairs and organisers that guide your students through the programme every day, making sure they feel comfortable, work well together and always arrive at the right place at the right time. Taking part in an EYP session is a different way of education that students benefit from most if they don’t feel the overall presence of a teacher who they often subconsciously believe to judge their remarks and their behaviour in the group. Teambuilding and Committee Work are a delicate process: The students need to free themselves of their usual roles and habits to find a position within their committee. For most people this is not easy and to have people they know around watching can counteract the whole process. We hope you will understand that for this reason it will not be possible for you to join the groups for teambuilding or committee work.

On the other hand, it is vital for the delegates to have a person around that knows them and is able to help them if any problems occur; a person who they can rely on as a backup if they need a last encouraging word before a big speech or a few extra facts if they just can’t make their point clear to the others. Even though we ask you to trust us in taking care of your students, there are certain things that lie beyond our responsibility and we will act accordingly. You can be sure that we will immediately inform you if any problems should occur.