Friday 2 November

Whole day: Arrival of the delegates and other participants at ‘De Eemhof’

Evening: Welcome event


Saturday 3 November

Whole day: Teambuilding at ‘De Eemhof’

The youngsters are split up in 15 different committees. They get to know each other. Next to that, it is important that they learn to come to a consensus as a group, and are able to solve problems. For this, a wide range of activities is at their disposal.

Evening: Eurovillage

The participants show the best of the culinary traditions from their country.


Sunday 4 November

Whole day: Teambuilding at ‘De Eemhof’

Evening: Dutch night

The participants get to know Dutch culture.


Monday 5 November

Morning: Transfer from ‘De Eemhof’ to The Hague

Opening Ceremony at ‘De Ridderzaal’

Formal opening of the session with speeches of leaders and partners of the event. His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, Connie Hedegaard (EU Commissioner for Climate Action) and Rainier Wieland (Vice-President of the European Parliament) will address the participants.

Afternoon: Committee Work at ‘ZOMIXED’

The participants start their Committee Work. Their goal is to write a resolution about their topic.


Tuesday 6 November

Whole day: Committee Work at ‘ZOMIXED’

The participants continue their debates.

Evening: Dinner with the committee in different restaurants across Amsterdam


Wednesday 7 November

Whole day: Committee Work at ‘ZOMIXED’

Evening: Gala night at the Rijksmuseum

Visit of the Rijksmuseum. Different speeches from, amongst others, Roel Janssen about leadership in European politics.


Thursday 8 November

Morning: Workshops and excursions to museums in Amsterdam

Afternoon: Committee Work in ‘ZOMIXED’

Evening: Euroconcert

Participants show their musical talents


Friday 9 November

Morning: Opening of the General Assembly at ‘Podium Mozaiek’

Opening of the General Assembly with parliamentary leaders and prominent guests, amongst whom Eberhard van der Laan, mayor of Amsterdam.


Whole day: General Assembly at ‘Podium Mozaiek’

Simulation of the parliamentary debate in the European Parliament. The committees present their resolutions that they wrote during Committee Work.


Saturday 10 November

Whole day: General Assembly at ‘Conservatorium van Amsterdam’


Sunday 11 November

Whole day: Departure of the participants




Stay in Zeewolde – Teambuilding

Centerparks ‘De Eemhof’


Opening Ceremony

De Ridderzaal, The Hague


Stay in Amsterdam – Committee Work and General Assembly

StayOkay Amsterdam Zeeburg


Committee Work

ZOMIXED is located at:
Frankemaheerd 2 – 12
1102 AN Amsterdam Zuidoost


Gala night

Het Rijksmuseum



Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen


General Assembly

Day 1

Podium Mozaiek

Day 2

Conservatorium van Amsterdam