Hi everyone,

I’m Gillian O’Halloran and I have the privilege of Presiding this soon-to-be superb conference! Before we get to the session, and I welcome you along with the rest of the chairs, organisers and press team, I can tell you a bit about me; I’ve been involved in EYP since 2005 when I attended my first regional conference in Dublin, Ireland. I have been actively involved in the organisation both in Ireland and across Europe ever since.

Outside of EYP, I studied Psychology in Dublin and Switzerland (where I skied and ate lots of fine chocolate and cheese!) and then moved to London to do my Masters, where I now live and work. I am a keen sailor and love travelling and singing. When I was younger, I used to aspire to be a fairy, whereas now, I work in financial services (can’t have it all!)

Something fun from past: swimming with turtles

Planned future adventure: sail across the Atlantic

How you’ll recognise me at the session: my hair!

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you this November,

Warmest regards to you all across Europe,


You can download the selection report here.