Dear delegates,

As part of your academic preparation, we ask you to compile a fact sheet, which is a list of at least 10 facts and their respective sources that are relevant for your committee topic. We hope this will help you research as well as to increase your understanding of the topic. You can take the topic overview written by your chair as a starting point, found in the delegate preparation kit.

The Fact Sheet template can be downloaded here! Please remember to rename it according to the instructions in the preparation kit: change the title and fill in your committee abbreviation as well as your first and last name. Additionally, an example can be found  here! Remember that we ask you to find 10 facts, but feel free to enter as many as you would like!

When complete, please send your .xls file to . We ask you to do this before Wednesday October 10th 00:00 CET, as this will give us ample time to process all of them! Please remember to enter in your first and last name, as well as your committee abbreviation and the words ‘fact sheet’ in the email topic!