Since 1998 Dutch students participate in the European Youth Parliament. Ever since, more students and schools started to participate in EYP The Netherlands. In order to select participants for international sessions and fora, every year a three-day national selection conference is held. Furthermore, since 2005 we are organizing preliminary rounds for this conference. These rounds consist of two one-day sessions in a weekend. Currently we organize three of these rounds in a year.

In May 2009, EYP The Netherlands reached a milestone by organizing an international forum in Rotterdam. This forum attracted aproximately 100 participants from all over Europe.




EYP The Netherlands depends on its alumni for all of its events. Currently, everyone attending the national selection conference is automatically considered an allumni. As an alumnus, you receive information about upcoming sessions, both in The Netherlands and abroad, as well as invitations to  training weekends and other events. These alumni in turn can apply to organize regional or national sessions or as an official abroad. We currently have aproximately 100 active alumni.



The day-to-day activities of EYP The Netherlands are under supervision of the board. Currently, the board is comprised of the following persons:

Zahra Runderkamp – President
Boaz Manger – Secretary
Laurens Kraima  - Alumni coordinator
Barteld Nanninga – Treasurer
Charif van Zetten – External Representative

For more information, please visit our site at http://www.eyp.nl/