The 71st International Session of the European Youth Parliament has been a great success, and below you may download some of its most important results: the resolution booklets (in English and French). The resolutions are currently presented to the European Commission, European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the session partners and other organisations. Some of the ideas tied to particularly agencies, ministries and departments are passed on to these respective bodies.

Amsterdam2012 Resolution Booklet (in English)

Résolutions d'Amsterdam 2012 (en français) Amsterdam2012 Resolution Booklet (in French)

Impact on the participants

Apart from the visible end-product of the International Session, the project also has less tangible results. By downloading the evaluation results of the 71st International Session, you are able to see how the participants experienced various events and how the impact of the project has worked out. Please do not hesitate to email with comments on the survey.

Evaluation results