Dear delegates,

We, the organising team, want to make “Amsterdam2012” the best International Session that ever took place. An International Session that you will still be talking about ten years from now. An International Session that changes EYP and how we do things. An International Session that changes your view on the world and where you make friends that you will keep with you in the years to come.

We believe that a big part of making this happen is the academic aspect of the session and we hope you believe that, too. Therefore, we have a few things to do for you before the session starts. We hope that this will help you prepare for your topic and the discussions and debates you will be having in the ten days you will be in Amsterdam with us. Most of this information, as well as al topic overviews, can also be found in the delegate preparation kit which you can download here!

On this site we will explain what we will ask of you: to compile a fact sheet and write a position paper.

Here you find more information on the Fact Sheets And here you find more on the Position Papers! All documents required can be downloaded here, as well as some examples of what we expect.

Below you can find an instruction video on academic preparation in general, as well as more information on the European Union.


In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us at!

The organising team of “Amsterdam2012”